Building Your Custom Quadrotor Drone

A quadrotor drone is just one of the many different configurations of drones. It is taken from the quadrotor helicopter, and in fact looks almost exactly like one, except that it does not require human pilots to fly. Also known as quadcopter drones, these are lifted and propelled by four rotors instead of just one. Considered as rotorcrafts, quadrotor drones were designed to overcome the limitations of other types of aircrafts especially when it comes to vertical flight. The quadrotor configuration is also deemed effective in reducing torque-induced control issues.

Why Choose A DIY Quadrotor Drone Project

If you are thinking of building a DIY drone, the quadrotor drone may be one of your options. A quadrotor type project would be most suitable for you if you would like to access its main advantages, which are as follows:

  • Quadrotors do not need mechanical linkages in order to adjust the rotor blade pitch angle while spinning.
  • Using four rotors means each rotor can be smaller and can thus possess less kinetic energy while the configuration is in flight. This means that in the event one of the rotors hit something, the damage suffered by the craft will be significantly reduced.
  • The quadrotor drone is also ideal if you are building a small-scale UAVs as it allows closer interaction.
  • Some quadrotor drones also have enclosed frames around the rotors, which allow the craft to fly even in challenging circumstances or environments.
  • The quadrotor drone is also easier to construct and control, which is an important advantage for those building amateur drone projects.

DIY Quadrotor Drone Kits Available

The easiest way to build your own quadrotor drone is to obtain a kit. There are many kits on the market, including:

  • Draganflyer V Ti RC. The Draganflyer V Ti RC quadrotor is a 30-inch ultra-lightweight quadrotor drone with a carbon-fiber body. It is characterized by clean, sleek, and stylish lines. It features a heading-lock yaw gyro which has proven effective in simplifying flight in any condition. A lot of first-time DIY drone builders prefer this over other systems as it makes controlling the yaw, pitch, and roll easier, and is known to give the drone controller full aerial maneuverability.
  • GUAI 330X-S and 450X Quad Flyer. The GAUI Quad Flyers are some of the most complete kits targeted towards more sophisticated builders. These quadrotor drones are designed for environments wherein extreme stability is required, such as aerial photography needs. These quadrotor drones can accommodate a camera that can take snapshots or record footage while the drone is in the air. The 450X is a larger option, but the two models are closely similar.
  • XAircraft X650 – The XAircraft X650 is a four-rotor remote control mini helicopter equipped with 13 sensors. It is very easy to fly, is quite stable, and uses sophisticated flight control algorithms. It is one of the most sophisticated quadrotor drone kits in the market and also one of the most attractive.